We, The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) uphold the welfare and guardianship of all animals on the basis of the 5 Freedoms - Freedom from Hunger, Thirst and Malnutrition; Freedom from Discomfort; Freedom from Pain, Injury and Disease, Freedom to express Normal behaviour and the Freedom from Fear and Distress, in accordance with the Animals Protection and Performing Animals Protection Acts. 

Our aim is to make positive impact in the world via the transformation of people and thus being the voice of all animals. We achieve our objectives through Love, Education and Guidance. 

As a Non Government and Non Profit Organisation, you, our community, enable us to serve all animals by your donations and contributions.

Banking Details:

Standard Bank
Account number: 310 036 305
Account name: SPCA
Branch name: BOKSBURG
Branch code: 01-1842

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