The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a Christian based charity organisation that can be found worldwide and are most notable in their work to aid the poor, the homeless and the destitute. Their aim is to aid both the spiritual and the physical, and this has resulted in members operating charity shops, shelters for the homeless, and even disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

Their work worldwide has been recognised as both valuable and significant, and they have done a great deal to indiscriminately aid many human beings that have found themselves in the worst of positions.

They have turned their religious principles, and their military-like discipline to achieving great things in the community and they have not only shelters and charities but have even gone so far as to provide rehabilitation centres, youth groups and ways to help empower people and get back on their feet through work. Testimony to the excellent work and the effectiveness of what they do is found in the fact that while they were only established in England in 1865, they have already become a worldwide organisation.