SA Wildlife Rehab Centre

Daily, the South African Wildlife Rehabilitation Center deals with cases that can be attributed to human impact, whether it be due to ignorance, negligence, or cruelty.

We take in many cases a year where wildlife has been injured by a vehicle, dogs and cats have caught garden birds, and many birds brought in with secondary poisoning where the poison was used with the aim of controlling rats and mice.

There are also many that come in as orphans, that we will then rear and in turn release into safe environments.

There is no greater reward than putting something back into the wild. We do our utmost to undo any damage caused by man and his harsh carbon footprint.

We try to educate our future generations, to ensure that there is a tomorrow for many of the species that are already endangered, or those where superstition surrounds them.

And why do it? For the love of our wildlife, is the easy answer. It is a huge honor to be able to work so closely with our magnificent wildlife.