No One Sleeps Hungry (NOSH) is a registered non-profit company established in 2020 with a primary focus on impacting the most vulnerable communities both in the urban and rural areas of South Africa through improved nutrition. The organisation was formally registered after realising the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic amongst many South Africans where thousands of families were unable to feed themselves due to high levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

NOSH has to date, donated more than 17 000 food parcels and fed over 8 000 households during the national lockdown. We will continue to provide meals for the underprivileged even after the pandemic has been declared over.  


To build a community where everyone has access to good quality, nutritious food, understands the consequences of hunger and poor nutrition and is committed to creating a stronger, healthier South Africa. A South Africa where no one sleeps hungry.  


To eliminate hunger and improve the health and well-being of our community through access to healthy and nutritious foods, community education and advocacy.  


To reduce malnutrition and food insecurity that cause irreparable damage to livelihoods, thereby reducing self-sufficiency through introducing sustainable food security and livelihoods improvement initiatives.

To provide a balanced nutrition to families from vulnerable communities to ensure healthier, productive and empowered adults with better economic opportunities.

To empower vulnerable communities with skills and knowledge that will lead to self-reliance.