Grace Community Centre

Grace Community Centre (GCC) was birthed in 1999 with a vision to assist the neediest of communities within society. The organization was registered as a Non-profit Organization (NPO 023-365) in 2002 and subsequently as a Public Benefit Organisation (BPO 930015427), since then it has been aiming to address the needs of the disadvantaged and underserved community. For many, the basic, day-to-day existence is a struggle, poverty, HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence is on the rise, especially now with Covid-19, leaving a multitude of challenges.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a caring Centre, focused on restoring the dignity of human life, that offers an integrated intervention that includes provision of basic needs, healthcare, education, psychosocial support and socioeconomic development to the underprivileged.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement “To put an end to oppression, to provide food to the hungry and to satisfy the needs of the oppressed, to always guide and restore the broken heart and to rebuild the broken home” (Isaiah 58:8)  

Our Core Value

Empathy and a genuine care for the wellbeing of the individual in a non-judgmental approach.

Current Location and Service Catchment Area

The Centre is situated in Berea, Johannesburg, on a property offered by the Greek government to run our project under the auspice of the Greek Orthodox Church. Our service catchment areas are: Berea, Yeoville, Bellevue East, Bez Valley, Bertrams, Hillbrow and Troyville.