Bikers Drive

It is not something that many think of, but one of the biggest groups to do charity in this country are its bikers! It’s amazing to see just how many people, all over the country, get involved for things like toy runs, blanket runs, and many more.

They work tirelessly and have the biggest heart. In short, these people do some amazing stuff. It is therefore both an honour and a pleasure that they are in fact at it again, joining up with the Social Solidarity Food Drive that is being hosted by the Portuguese Forum of South Africa. These are some of the groups that are amongst those that gather more than 350 000 toys every year for Toy Run alone.

Nothing stops them when it comes to making a difference and they may look big and tough, but you can be absolutely certain that they also have hearts of gold. This year has been hard on us all, and many of the events that would have happened didn’t due to COVID and lockdown, but they will be there on Atlas Road on the 6th of September, doing what they do and bringing happiness to the charities and making that challenge to everyone - Be there! Take part! Be one of those that can say with pride - I am a South African and I have done my best to look after my country.

For donations | Bank details

First National Bank (FNB)
Account Number: 62630848581